To explore every part of
the nature and culture of the Maldives

Discovering the Maldives means also knowing its most intimate and delicate soul, made of an uncontaminated nature that knows how to speak through its manifestations and a culture disconnected from the time that is hidden behind the small gestures of its inhabitants. You will be able to admire the Nature of the Maldives, with the excursion on the Uninhabited Island and the spectacle of the vault of heaven told by our Astronomer and Researcher. You will learn the secrets of Maldivian style fishing and also discover the uses and customs of the Maldivian people.


During a visit to the fishermen’s village, one also comes into contact with the customs and customs of the Maldivian culture, admiring its buildings and craftsmanship.

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The real face of the Maldives, to discover Nature in its true expression. Let yourself be carried away by its strength and become one with it.

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With our Astronomer and Researcher you will discover all the secrets of the celestial vault, with your eyes to the sky to admire the spectacle of millions of stars above you.

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For an unforgettable dinner under the Maldivian sky and a night in harmony with Nature. An unforgettable experience just there waiting to be done!

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On board of the typical Maldivian boats you can learn all the secrets of the fishing of the locals, among the crystal clear waters and full of fish of the Indian Ocean.


To sail the waters of Dhiggiri on a real Maldivian boat. Get on board and discover all the secrets hidden in the Maldives sea: fishes and the coral reef.